Kilkerran 8 Year Old

Nose – The peat aroma from the lightly peated barley is apparent from the off and some of the green apples which are becoming a feature of Kilkerran are also present. This whisky is like a favourite dessert, rhubarb crumble, stewed rhubarb, vanilla and all butter shortbread.

Palate – There’s an earthiness and saltiness, exactly what you want to taste in a Campbeltown dram. This is combined with icing sugar and puff candy which gives a sweetness to the whisky, along with milk chocolate and walnut flavours.

Finish – The peat remains, along with a sootiness, pencil shavings and a liquoriceinfluenced maltiness.

Kilkerran 12 Year Old

Kilkerran 12 Year Old

Nose: oak notes are dominant, followed by toasted marshmallows and dried fruit pudding, as well as cherries, marzipan and a hint of peat

Palate: initially fruity with citrus notes and orange peel, after this: vanilla, butterscotch,
honeycomb and digestive biscuits can all be tasted and enjoyed

Finish: velvet and smooth with lemon meringue, to conclude, there’s an oiliness and a saltiness that you’d expect from a Campbeltown dram

WIP 4 carton

Kilkerran Work in Progress 4

Released in 2014. Only 9000 bottles available worldwide.

Nose: Home made marmalade. Incredibly rich with copious amounts of oranges, rhubarb and ripe pear amongst the sweetness of brown sugar and honey.

Palate: The tangy and zesty nose continues on to the palate and is enriched with flavours of toffee fudge and cream buns stuffed with vanilla custard and coated with icing sugar. Finger licking good.

Finish: Sweet and spicy, with hints of aniseed and liquorice.


Kilkerran Work in Progress 7 Sherry Matured

Released in 2015. Only 12,000 bottles available worldwide.

Nose: Toasted pink marshmallows spinning around fresh rhubarb and green apples. Toffee and treacle adds to the sweetness but an earthy note keeps this whisky well balanced and not overpoweringly sweet.

Palate: Heather honey and digestive biscuits. Creamy milk chocolate,black cherries mix with oak and wood spice. A truly complex andinteresting dram.

Finish: Dry nutty finish with some gentle peat lingering along with some further oak notes .. .. delicious.

Work in Progress (WIP) 7 Bourbon

Kilkerran Work in Progress 7 Bourbon Matured

Released in 2015. Only 6,000 bottles available worldwide.

Nose:  Green apples mixed with marzipan, hot baked vanilla buns. Gentle smoke and fruit notes.  After  15 mins, smell madagascan vanilla pod seeds in warm full fat milk.

Palate: Puff of smoke mixed with tangy apple, elegant & mature, very well rounded.

Finish: Long, smooth, luxurious.

Mitchell’s Glengyle Blend

Light and sweet, reminiscent of confectionary. With time to breathe develops aromas of marzipan and ripe soft fruits.

Palate: On the palate it is smooth and light with a slight smokiness towards the finish.

Finish: Leaves a nice malty sweetness on the palate. Very drinkable!

Kilkerran Work in Progress 6 Bourbon Matured

Released in 2014. Only 9000 bottles available worldwide.

Nose: Inviting and homely straight away. Ripe green apples, herbal sweetness and rich in sugar glazed apricots.

Palate: Its nuts! Rich oily walnuts, continuing the wholesome notes from the nose. More a work in perfection than work in progress, with a great, delicate balance between the sweeter fruit notes and lively spices. It is unmistakenly Campbeltown, so comforting and rich. It gets sweeter and stickier with a touch of water.

Finish: This dram is not for the impatient! Treat it like a cryptic crossword, give it time and enjoy this fabulous Campbeltown spirit.

Kilkerran Work in Progress 6 Sherry Matured

Released in 2014. Only 9000 bottles available worldwide.

Bold and Beautiful. Clear, but subtle, European red oak notes, a real sherry matured star.

Palate: The sherry notes goes deeper on the palate. Dark chocolate, dates, prunes, hard toffee, molasses and gingerbread syrup. Honey-BBQ coated ribs without any of the smoke.

Finish: This Whisky holds a great poise, almost ballerina like. There is a true harmonious balance between all the components in this dram. It has a seamless, resonant finish, echoing in a deep, loving, sherry tone.

Kilkerran Work in Progress 5 Bourbon Matured

Released in 2013. Only 9000 bottles available worldwide.

Nose: This is evidently a Campbeltown dram. The waxy, lightly smoky nose with hints of leather gives away the origin of this dram. Rich and creamy with hints of American cream soda, apricots, dark fruit and linseed.

Palate: Just like previous WIPs the tangy orange and citrus marmalade notes remains. A little bit sweeter than previous WIP releases, with clear presence of apricot jam. There is a great weight of Campbeltown sea air present. Very smooth and fruity.

Finish: Fresh, sweet yet dry finish.

Kilkerran Work in Progress 5 Sherry Matured

Released in 2013. Only 9000 bottles available worldwide.

Nose: Who’s chocolate orange is this? Dark chocolate, marzipan, honey covered dates and strawberries build up to a very rich and sweet ginger preserve. A very complex nose that doesn’t stop developing in the glass.

Palate: The honey covered dates return on the palate mixed with sultanas and black treacle fudge. This dram is as wholesome and tasty as a warm, toasted cinnamon and raisin bagel with real butter melting on top.

Finish: Medium, well balanced and round finish, presence of dark chocolate but surprisingly no evidence of peat.